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Neil Bradley (neil@bradley.co.uk)
Offshore Data Conversion Management
Offshore data conversion companies can dramatically reduce the cost of converting unstructured data, or paper documents, into structured XML documents. But these companies are not experts in the content and business goals of a specific organisation. While some have onshore operations that simplify the setting-up of a new project, their personal are still part of the same provider, and so cannot offer impartial advice on the approach to be take and the exact nature of the XML tagging to be applied. They may also downplay the need for an organisation to check the quality of the data they will received, and the need for service agreements that place penalties on the provider if quality expectations are not met.
This is important because there are a number of pitfalls to be avoided in any successful data conversion project. The following questions need to be addressed in order to avoid these pitfalls:
This is a list of some the questions that need to be asked. There are several other issues to address. Text-box consulting can help to avoid all of the issues that can arise with data capture and conversion projects. Neil Bradley spent 8 years in the data capture and conversion industry, during which he wrote specifications, developed quality checking systems, and dealt with offshore sub-contractors.
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