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Welcome to text-box consulting!!!
Primarily, this site describes the services and propositions offered by text-box consulting ltd, a UK based company that specialises in the application of XML and related technologies to the tasks of document creation, management, processing and publishing.
In addition, this site presents the opinions and background of Neil Bradley, the owner and sole employee of text-box consulting ltd.
What's In A Name?
The terms "I", "Neil Bradley" and "text-box consulting" that appear in different parts of this site can be considered to be synonymous (I, Neil Bradley, am the sole employee of text-box consulting ltd).
The name "text-box" was chosen to represent the fact that this company specialises in documents that are composed of multiple components, including isolated blocks of text that form sequential and hierarchical structures (using the XML data format) which can be analysed, formatted and re-arranged as desired.
The strapline "exploiting structured document components" reveals that text-box consulting exploits (finds, extracts, manipulates and formats) the components (text boxes) of structured documents (XML documents).
About This Site
This site is intended to demonstrate some of the services and tools provided by text-box consulting.
All of the content (including this paragraph) was authored in XML format (using XmetaL), then published to HTML format for delivery to Web browsers using XSLT (the MSXSL processor by Microsoft) and to PDF format (using FOP from Apache) for easy printing of entire areas of the site.
The resulting HTML version of the site is compliant with the relevant W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards for XHTML and CSS (see the button links on the left).
This approach has been used on other sites, including the Detica, BJSS and Emyr Cummins sites.
This approach to building narrative-centric web sites has been bundled into an offering called KalphaX (see the "Products" area of this site).
The site design was developed by Emyr Cummins.
Contact & Feedback
To contact text-box consulting to learn more about its services and products, please email Neil Bradley, either by clicking on the name here, or on the email address at the top of any page on this site, or by copying the address "" into your email package.
Feedback of any kind on this site is also welcome, even to argue against any of the opinions expressed here.