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The list of topics on the left represent the opinions of text-box consulting on a number of mostly XML-related topics. Other opinions, in the form of published journal articles and conference papers, can be seen in the "Publication" are of this site, because they are not repeated here. Note that none of the opinions expressed here have been influenced by any software vendor or supplier of services that are applied by or allied to text-box consulting.
The first group of topics concentrate on core XML subjects, such as why should we use XML at all, and why not use the more mature and more sophisticated SGML standard instead?
The second group of topics focus on a very important aspect of any editorial process that involves XML documents: the creation of XML documents using specialised word-processors.
The third group of topics tackles the general issue of effective project management, and the specific tasks that make development of an editorial and publishing system to support a Web site publication relatively painless.