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KalphaX is a package of tools, templates and an approach to building sophisticated, content-rich Web sites on a budget. It exploits the capabilities of XML, XMetaL and XSLT to create Web sites from XML documents, where authors using the XMetaL authoring tool (see the Tools section of this site) can easily produce rich text content while simultaneously configuring the site itself.
Feature of this approach include:
  • content can be created while the site design is still being considered
  • there is no need for a "web master" to create Web pages. Every feature and formatting structure allowed on the site is supported by XML documents and XSLT stylesheets, so authors have full control within an easy-to-use but powerful interface.
  • low cost implementation
  • flexibility: adding new features is easy because they require minor edits to the XML structures and XSLT stylesheets
This web site was built using KalphaX, along with, and