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The Concise SGML Companion
The Concise SGML Companion, the first book written by Neil Bradley, was published in 1997. At the time several books on SGML already existed, but there appeared to be a gap in the market for a book that was smaller, cheaper, more concise yet more thorough than what was then on offer. Addison Wesley accepted and published the book, and it was sufficiently successful for six further books to be produced and published by the same author and publisher.
  • Using this book
  • Overview
  • Electronic markup
  • SGML markup
  • Document components
  • Entities
  • DTD
  • SGML declaration
  • Cross-references
  • CALS tables
  • ISO 9573 math
  • HTML
  • SGMLS and NSGMLS parsers
  • Charts and tables