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Anatomy of an SGML Document
The paper Anatomy of an SGML Document was prepared for the SGML 96 conference in Boston (the first book, The Concise SGML Companion was also published just in time to be included at the bookshop at this conference, and the topic of the paper is essentially a quick tour of the constructs of SGML that the book covered in much more detail). This show was also much more noteworthy for the first appearance of a draft of the XML standard (finalised two years later).
There are three major components to an SGML document - the SGML Declaration, Prolog and Document Instance. An understanding of their roles, their inter-dependencies, and their arrangement within a practical working environment is essential for all users of SGML-based systems. As well as describing the purpose and content of each major component of an SGML document, this paper explains how they are managed by an entity manager, and how they integrate with a parser.