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Conversion to SGML
The paper Conversion to SGML was prepared for the SGML 94 conference in Washington. It focussed on the issues that are still relevant today (over ten years later) when deciding whether and how to convert paper documents into fully tagged electronic documents (see the Services are of this site for details of a service offered by text-box consulting in this area).
Before embarking on a legacy conversion project, careful consideration should be given to the means of achieving the desired result. The size of the task, the availability of in-house technical assistance, the complexity of the DTD and original formats, the possible means of capturing the data, the desired quality level, both to text accuracy and Element accuracy, and the desired granularity of Element coding, should all be researched fully. Whilst SGML does present specific problems for data conversion, a sensible, staged approach can nevertheless deliver a cost-effective solution.