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Document Content Modelling
The first step to gaining the quality and efficiency benefits that structured documents can provide is to define an appropriate structure. Typically, the tasks required to produce an effective document model include:
  • analysis of relevant existing documents
  • interviews with experts in the production of these documents
  • interviews with the stakeholders in any business benefits that can be derived from document structuring
  • documentation of the model that can be used by developers of supporting systems, suppliers of data conversion services, and authors of new content
  • development of one or more sample documents that stress-test software and help with author training
If any of these steps are taken in haste, or by unqualified personnel, the entire project can be put at risk. An expert in XML-based documents can assist with all of the above tasks. Text-box consulting has 17 year's experience of such projects, in industries as diverse as legal, industry and publishing.